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25 People Who Definitely Know What an Epic Fail Is

We think that everyone agrees that it's better to learn from someone else's mistakes instead of your own. However, sometimes we become such "teachers" for someone else.

Bright Side has collected the funniest and most instructive stories about what you should never do.

You think this is chocolate? No.

"I am currently stuck in a bath because I added some coconut oil to relax."

It wasn't the best idea to leave it open in winter.

The same goes for windows.

Winter has no mercy for anyone.

What would you like to order?

"In case of fire, use stairs," they said. "Do not use the elevators," they said

"Sure, boss, the bus has all the seats in place."

When you are not a regular at the bar:

Glass lids should never end up like this.

"Use the knife," they said.

There is so much pain in this photo.

This is what happens when a mover overestimates his abilities.

Love is stronger than anything.

Regretting his life choices. Never do this. Never.

Don't open paint in the car.

Don't park in the wrong place.

Be careful while driving.

Now nothing can save you from stress.

Get enough sleep to avoid situations like this.

This is what manuals are for. They can help you avoid this.

Some people know exactly how to create problems.

Looks like someone was in a hurry at the gas station!

Never leave your mop in the water when it's cold.

The students must have loved this day at school.

Have you ever been in a situation which you regretted later? Tell us about it! We won't tell anyone!

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