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25 People Who Figured Out Exactly Which Buttons to Press

There are good-natured jokes and then there are those types of jokes that just make you reconsider everything you felt you were ever sure of.

Bright Side gathered a list of 23 situations when people used their creativity to either outsmart their opponents or to just plain get on their nerves.

The life hack of the year:

A true loser paradox

The robbery of the century

“I turn hotdog water into ice cubes for guests that I don’t like.”

When all you wanted was to save on electricity:

“I saw how a guy on the subway pulled out a goblin in a matching outfit out of his bag.”

A taxi driver with a sense of humor

“Here’s an outlet sticker I made.”

Cameraman, we asked you not to!

“In college, when 2 of Joe’s friends left, he turned on 4 popcorn makers and left them working for 48 hours in their room.”

“Yesterday I changed autocorrect ’yes’ to ’yes daddy I do’ on my friend’s phone and completely forgot about it. Today, she had an interesting conversation with a taxi driver.”

“Walked into a hotel conference room while everyone was on a break. When they come back, they’ll see this.”

“This is for all the teachers who told me not to lean back in my chair in school.”

Have you ever found a hot dog in your pocket?

If you break the rules, do it like a pro.

Thanks for the warning.


It sounds like both a compliment and an insult.

My mom’s support

How to win over a girl’s heart:

This retro postcard dated 1947 is a perfect example of how you should talk to guys:


What happened?

Way to go, man! Support yourself during hard times.

You must be alert when you drink coffee with your friends.

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