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25 People Who Found Something Unusual and Decided to Tell the World About It

Life is an amazing thing. It surprises some of us when notice interesting things and we then want to share them with the world. We're talking about some unusual finds like a 144-year-old bar of soap, a 2-headed gecko, an egg without a shell, and completely transparent beer.

Internet users found a lot of other amazing things and instantly decided to share them with the world. Now Bright Side is sharing them with you.

1. "Occasionally our chickens will lay an egg with no shell, just a soft membrane sack."

2. A genius way to conceal a burn

3. These rainbow apartments in Kiev

4. This sign pointing to the sky

5. "My husband and I noticed a pirate lion in our Ikea rug..."

6. Tiny natural geode shaped like footprints

7. "This guy in Italy sitting on his tennis racquet"

8. "My sister hung her bathing suit top out to dry and a bird started building a nest in the cup."

9. "This baby gecko regrew a second head."

10. "Found some 144-year-old soap in an attic."

11. "This phone holder for taking selfies out in front of the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID"

12. "A little spider hidden under the cover of a compartment in the trunk of a Volvo"

13. "This antique calculator my grandmother owns"

14. "Went hiking at Twin Falls, found a mashed potato recipe on the bridge"

15. "My friend's old TV has volume that goes up to 255."

16. "I saw a 2-toned squirrel, half-blonde half-brunette."

17. "This Fairy ring of mushrooms"

18. "This watch embedded into the pavement"

19. "The pollen on this bee"

20. Hat hat

21. "Chevy, coming and going"

22. "This beer-flavored water in Japan. Crystal clear beer..."

23. "A crab finishing its sand enclosure"

24. "Dice inside dice"

25. "This wire scorpion a coworker made"

Have you ever found anything extraordinary that you wanted to tell the world about? Tell us in the comment section below!

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