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25 People Who Had Hilarious Responses to Life’s Annoying Problems

When people think about inventions and how they were made, they often imagine brilliant scientists working in laboratories. But in fact, many inventions were discovered by luck, by mistake, and out of frustration. Potato chips were invented in 1853 as a New York chef's response to constant complaints from a customer who kept sending back his fried potatoes saying they were too soggy and thick. In the end, this customer got really thin potato slices, fried and covered with salt. Today it's a well-known and ordinary product.

Humor is not an attitude – it's a way of life. Whenever you face any problem, there's always a genius way to solve it. Don't let annoying problems get the best of you. Just laugh at them instead!

We at Bright Side found the most hilarious response methods when everything seems to be going against you. Enjoy!

1. When your wife wants to shop but you want to fish:

2. What being an engineer means:

3. Useful life hack for workaholics:

4. Hawaiians invented a genius way to survive in a line:

5. Being stylish is not always about spending lots of time.

6. Gadgets were made to simplify our life.

7. Electronic gun safe with freezer concealment. Ammo not included.

8. Me after being at work for more than 5 minutes:

9. Avengers save not only lives but also phones.

10. Girls will always find ways to look great.

11. How to make a chessboard with a deck of cards:

12. This cat knows how to get its neck rubbed:

13. Looks like the beginning of the rocking chair.

14. The most stylish rolling pin I've ever seen:

15. When all the chairs are full:

16. What do you know about safety?

17. Don't underestimate your food.

18. Lazy people are genius people.

19. Ask him if you want to know about safety.

20. Doesn't matter how it looks as long as it works.

21. Tired of cleaning? This is the answer:

22. How to make everyone happy while walking a dog:

23. Couldn't find the bottom part of my blender, so I improvised.

24. When Dad is left in charge:

25. Good idea for a tattoo if you have no hair:

Share these genius life hacks with your friends and don't forget use laughter as a shield against problems! If you have any ideas you'd like to share with us in the comment section below, we'd love to hear about your favorite life hacks!

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