25+ People Who Hilariously Trolled Their Yearbook Photos

There are some things you simply can't return or redo, and a yearbook photo is one of these things. That's why people want to make it not only memorable but unusual and creative.

We at Bright Side found the most hilarious jokers with unforgettable photos. Let's get inspired together!

1. Mascot is not just a word. It's a lifestyle.

2. Nothing special. Just my French teacher dressed as Napoleon.

3. "Just let me help you."

4. That moment when you understand each other at a glance:

5. I was instructed not to blink during my elementary school yearbook photo.

6. Biscuits and mustard are all you need for a photo!

7. He was probably a teacher's pet.

8. This is how my science teacher promoted a love of his subject:

9. My English teacher's yearbook photo. Best yearbook photo ever? I think so.

10. History teachers' yearbook photos

11. In high school, my friend got 2 pictures by pretending to be his own twin brother.

12. I think I nailed it with my faculty picture for this year's yearbook!

13. We'll never know the real Batman's face.

14. This kid's yearbook photo just made my day.

15. A tale of 2 Daniels

16. He dressed his best for this crowning moment.

17. Whatever this teacher's subject is, he can teach you how to have your photo taken!

18. This teacher wore the same outfit for his picture for 40 years.

19. Sneezing in 3, 2, 1...

20. Don't you believe in knights? Look at this thief of hearts!

21. One of my teachers is retiring this year. Guess where he is!

22. "Let's just take the photo, and I'll go."

23. A cry from the depths of their hearts!

24. Before you had a chance to make a joke...

25. It's time to be honest with each other.

26. What is your superpower?

27. And the Oscar for the best yearbook photo goes to...

Do you know of any mind-blowing yearbook photos? Or maybe you've got some of your own or of people you know? Let's have fun in the comments!

Preview photo credit FamousTroll / imgur
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