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25 People Who Need to Upgrade Their Selfie Business

The first ever selfie was taken way back in 1524, using oil on wood, where a 21-year-old artist depicted his own reflection. Half a millennium later, here we are – taking photos of ourselves effortlessly. Perhaps it's this lack of complexity that makes some people make such awful (yet side-splitting) selfie mistakes.

Here at Bright Side, we've put together a list of selfies that were proven to be a complete and total train wreck.

"Went in for the selfie and got a rabies shot."

Oh, crap! Like literally...

Angle photography fail

"Oh! You want a selfie too?"

"Just got a new selfie stick!"

"Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a selfie."

"Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby into a cannon."

"I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby, and a dog this month but I doubt it."

Even this dog is sick of her...

"Never left her hometown, I guess..."

Hey, Grandma! Can you do me a favor?

Did she notice before posting it on Instagram...?

You know what's about to happen, right?

Little brother fails


When you canceled your gym membership but don't want to publicly admit it:

- My girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me.
- Yeah, right...

"Please, honey, not now."

"I've seen a lot in my life, but never a smoking Corolla using selfie stick."

Patrick loves big hair, so what?

Trying hard to be a sweet chocolate boy...

Found an old picture of my great-grandfather taking a selfie. Haters will say it's a fake.

Selfie in a public bathroom. It's a new wouldn't understand.

Haters will say it's Photoshop.

He wanted multiple selfies at once.

If you have some similar selfies and would like to be included in our next compilation, share your photos in the comments!

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