25 People Who Simply Don’t Care Anymore

Being able to not care isn't as simple as it sounds. Very few people know how to master this skill. Fortunately, there are people who will definitely teach everyone how to not worry about the small things.

Bright Side is convinced that even if laziness is not the most important factor of progress, it is, at the very least, a great reason to smile.

25. This looks super safe:

24. Why go to the beach and pay more?

23. Like a boss

22. This kid dressed up as his mom at school and tried to get his phone back:

21. He turned the key. Quite literally.

20. They don't like doing the dishes in this restaurant.

19. When your mic is broken but your team needs you more than ever.

18. 2 faucets in one

17. When your laziness and resourcefulness can overcome any obstacles:

16. This looks brand new now:

15. This makes perfect sense:

14. High quality for a low price

13. "Just as you asked, Boss. I put the soap dispenser above the second sink."

12. "I'm selling an iPhone 6s Plus. It's not in the picture because I used it to take it but this is how big it is! Asking price is $340."

11. Nobody cares who won!

10. This is how you fix a clock:

9. Nothing works. What may be the problem?

8. This is a new generation of locks:

7. They didn't really pay much attention to the interior of this place...

6. You'd better check the departure time online!

5. Lemons that are perfect for orange juice:

4. When your laziness if stronger than your common sense:

3. This guy is introverted:

2. This is the cheapest way to transport your armchair:

1. Live your lives as well you as can!

Have you ever come across displays of extreme laziness? Share with us in the comment section below!

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