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25 People Who Used to Be Trendy and Are Now Embarrassed by Their Photos

Fashion changes very quickly, like sometimes it takes only 5 years for fashion trends to change completely. As a result, we look at our photos from the past and can't understand how "this" could have been considered good taste?

Bright Side has collected the most epic photos which show just how strange some popular things of the past were.

"I used to wonder why I was bullied so much."

"Not sure why I was a 35 year old woman in 6th grade, but that hair still haunts me."

"I thought listening to metal made me cool in middle school."

"7th grade with my mom glasses."

"9 year old figure skater. They told me I looked good. They lied."

"My mullet and silk shirt."

"This is what I looked like in high school."

"My husband found a yearbook from my freshman year."

"I was clearly a total badass."

"Snoop Dogg, because that's who I wanted to be. My nickname was Snoopy."

"Jewish Superman"

"When my daughter asks why she can't wear things she thinks are "cool," I show her this photo from my freshmen year in high school"

"2005: featuring bad hats and amateur dye jobs"

"This was my high school yearbook photo from 2007."

"I thought I looked glamourous."

School dance in the 50s

"Found this high school photo today."

"I wanted to show off my beard so I took this photo."

"I actually thought I was really cool."

"I was surfing the web back in 2001."

"My college yearbook photoshopped my punk rock spikes into a white afro."

"Being a rad dude is serious business."

"Yes, that’s my real hair. Yes, I spent an hour on it every day."

"I had to bribe the school photographer to let me do this."

"The triangle hair and fake mole complete my senior high school photo."

And what ridiculous fashion trends do you remember? Tell us in the comment section below!

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