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25 People Who Will Be Lucky But Not Today

We all have our good days and our bad days. But sometimes, the unfortunate situations that leave us stressed can actually turn into hilarious stories that we share for years to come. The key is to remain as positive as possible during difficult times and it'll make it easier to find the humor in certain situations like the ones you're about to see.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who were terribly unlucky. Take a look and remember the lessons they learned so that you won't find yourself in a similar predicament!

"That moment you realize you grabbed the wrong spray..."

"Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned."

Okay, now what?

"Never again will I ever use an eyelash curler!"

"When you drop your phone in the drain..."

"I was baking a cake and I didn't realize that I dropped my phone into the cake..."

"I've been at work for 4 hours now...I just saw this."

Left it on for too long

"My mother ordered a cake. She asked for a blond girl, but the phone corrected it to blind and here is what we got..."

"And what am I supposed to do?"

At least, it has pepperoni on it...

"Anyone else had this happen?"

"I just wanted to make breakfast."

No, we don't know how she got there, either.

We hope the next stop is near.

When you need fast delivery:

How do you spend your evenings?

Looks like animals don't really like her...

Definitely not the molding he was expecting...

This is how you get adrenaline:

Someone didn't have the most attentive waiter...

Harry Potter car in real life

It's never too late to shop for sunscreen.

At least, they admitted it.

"Never use bath salts with colors! I spent 15 minutes in the bath and 13 attempts later and I still can't wash the color off."

Have you ever had both unlucky and funny situations? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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