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25 People Who Won the Battle Against Excess Weight and Now Enjoy Their Lives

Many people dream of losing the extra pounds they hate so much, but for some reason, they tend to postpone that moment when they start working at it. It’s important to remember that extra weight can be a catalyst for many diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and some types of cancer. For those of you who have finally decided to take control of your health, we’ve prepared a motivating compilation of people who were able to say “goodbye” to extra weight.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at some people who are great inspiration for those trying to lose extra weight. Just look at their happy faces! They prove that nothing is impossible.

1. “After losing my mom in 2014, I decided to change myself. In 3 years, I went from 405 lb to 171 lb. I hope she’d be proud.”

2. “I bought my first pair of shorts in 3 years!”

3. “4 years ago I decided to make a change and went from 308 lb to 196 lb.”

4. “4 years and 95 lb apart. Anything is possible with the right mindset and if you put your heart into it!”

5. “2.5 years of hard work — 261 lb to 152 lb”

6. “164 lb lost in 4 years... feeling really proud of myself!”

7. The difference between these photos is 198 lb.

8. “6 years ago, I was fat, sad, angry, and depressed beyond words. Today, I’m in love with my life, I’m 60 lb lighter, and I’m gonna be on a game show in a few weeks.”

9. 221 lb to 150 lb = 71 lb lost in 2.5 years

10. “Down 110 lb this year! BMI is normal — first time since 1982!”

11. “I lost 104.2 lb. A colleague from a previous job didn’t recognize me.”

12. “I lost 132 lb in one year.”

13. “298 lb to 147 lb in 15 months. Feeling pretty cute today.”

14. “A year apart from 320 lb to 200 lb — big changes for me over the last year, I’m pretty proud.”

15. 326 lb to 178 lb = 148 lost over about 8 years

16. “365 lb to 165 lb = 200 lb lost in 15 months. I’m trying to imitate the same face in my ’after’ pic.”

17. “240 lb to 140 lb = 100 lb lost in 24 months. Only 5 pounds until I reach my final goal!”

18. “288 lb to 140 lb = 148 lb in 48 months. Whatever, let people see my face. Natural weight loss!”

19. “389.9 lb to 299 lb = 90.9 lb lost in 6 months. I thought my progress might help someone else.”

20. “304 lb to 185 lb = 119 lb! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come! 25 more pounds until a healthy BMI.”

21. 305 lb to 195 lb = 110 lb lost in 8 months. No sugar, caffeine, bread, or macaroni."

22. “It took 5 years, but I am now happier in life than I have ever been.”

23. “Vacation 2017 vs vacation 2018: approximately 110 lb down!”

24. Conner Rensch lost 130 lb and went through an amazing transformation.

25. Flavia Monzano lost 88 lb in 10 months.

Do you know any people who’ve managed to control and change their lives? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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