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25 People Whose Creativity Is Unstoppable Now

Almost everyone liked to create things with their hands when they were children. The people from this compilation really loved the experience and they decided to continue even in their adult lives. This is how a barbecue was made from a computer, a watermelon turned into a fish, and a plunger-bat was created. And even though most of these things don’t look “beautiful,” their creators can say, “Hey, I made it myself!”

Bright Side found 25 photos from people whose rich imagination is absolutely mind-blowing.

This watermelon carved to look like an angler fish:

It’s great that not everyone has a laptop right now.

A tip for gamers

“It’s supposed to be a ’wave’ according to my friend...”

“No problem, I’ll just get my ladder.”

“My brother took a giant stuffed dog and made a costume out of it.”

At least you don’t need to spend money on a movie ticket...

“My little sister thought it would be a good idea to take a working fidget spinner and turn it into this...”

Prison patio

If it works, why not?

Looks like the flamingo realized it was a bad idea...

“Painted my phone case and hot glued 200 rhinestones. My sister said I have too much free time.”

“My friend’s glasses broke so this is how he decided to fix them.”

“A denim bike I spotted in Tokyo”

When the chef has a rich imagination:

A door made of a door. It makes perfect sense.

We hope she doesn’t need to wear tights.

When someone believes that duct tape can solve any problem:

“My friends get me to make them things sometimes.”

Would you like to sit down?

And how do you use your car?

If your neighbor makes too much noise, you know what to do.

For land and water!

A cheap pool for a hot summer day

“My home in Hawaii is all hurricane-prepped.”

Do you like to create things? Tell us in the comments section below!

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