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25 People Whose Days Are Just a Series of Disasters

Do you think your life is dull and boring? The heroes of this article would love to trade places with you in order to escape cases of burning washing machines, raging porcupines, and other strange things.

Bright Side gathered 25 pictures that look more like scripts for breaking news than anything else.

This is mesmerizing but frightening at the same time.

When you’re willing to do anything to skip class:

What was the driver thinking?!

“Just got really close to having a bad afternoon.”

“Honey, I broke the bank!”

Don’t try this at home.

“When you lock yourself in the bathroom and take your girlfriend’s phone with you.”

This is why women live longer than men:

Here’s one more reason:

“Today was the first time I did my laundry. It didn’t go well.”

“Went into the attic and found a hornet’s nest.”

When you’re all the way up:

“My co-worker posed for a photo with a porcupine and she got bit.”

“There was a bee in my car.”

“The neighbor’s ’friendly’ cat came over for a photoshoot.”

Driving in sand wasn’t a good idea.

“Maybe there was more pressure than there should’ve been.”

How did it get in there?

When you see no barriers in your life:

She’ll always remember this birthday.

And how do you spend time at work?

“I was driving and somehow knew something was wrong.”

" ’Become a cop,’ they said."

“He was pushing it with his head.”

“I thought this happened only in cartoons.”

Have you ever been in crazy situations like these? Tell us in the comments!

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