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25+ People Whose Lives Are More Dramatic Than Any Brazilian Telenovelas

According to William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a theater, and all the men and women merely players.” Well, we aren’t so sure about the theater but without a doubt, our lives can compete with Brazilian telenovelas. It can be full of disappointment, unexpected plot twists, uncountable obstacles, intense emotions, and shocking reveals.

Bright Side found 25+ photos picturing people who’ve experienced what a cunning plan fate can present to them.

“I finally gave in and let my daughter get a cat. Turns out she’s allergic!”

When luck was on your side but changed its mind at the last moment:

“It was the first and last time I bought a plant on eBay.”

A double strike from a Chinese manufacturer. We wouldn’t be surprised if the T-shirt loses its shape after the first washing as well.

The thing you least expect when making an omelet

“Today is my lucky day! Oh, wait...”

“My friend bought a Deadpool costume online. I’ve been laughing all day.”

Who is the owner and how did the phone end up there? And more importantly, how can you get it if the window doesn’t open?

Even a flood won’t stop fashionistas from going shopping!

Beautiful grapevines decorated this wall and pleased the eyes of many — until everyone got tired of it.

When you peel off a screen protector from new equipment that was completely ruined:

“My wife asked me to help her pick out a color for the bathroom. This is a dead end.”

“My friend let me give him a haircut. This was the result.”

“I just found out that my son is a 50-year-old man stuck in a 7-year-old’s body.”

This is a really tough nut to crack.

“Once I thought it was a good idea to sled down the deck steps. I was wrong.”

“Post just arrived. Not sure how I’m going to explain this one to my kid.”

A visit to a vet divided the life of this dog into “before” and “after”.

She just wanted to feed fish but obviously, they needed to make an urgent call.

“I just couldn’t get why the water didn’t boil after an hour.”

You’re driving around, minding your own business, and then your car gets hit by a pumpkin.

Marketing can be tricky.

“How can I live with this?”

“Monopoly” dropping an obvious hint for millennials

A new discount deal: buy cottage cheese to get meat for free!

“On the left is the cake I ordered and on the right is the one that was delivered. I paid $135 for this mess.”

"My bird Enzo who we thought was a boy just laid an egg this morning.’’

What situation from your life could become a part of our list?

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