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25 People With a Fountain of Flowing Creativity

Many people can think outside of the box. And they are the ones who can invent unbelievable things and life hacks that make life simpler, more interesting and comfortable. Yes, things like a stitched bumper or a skateboard that can be moved by a screwdriver may seem weird, but they really do work!

Bright Side has found 25 inventive people who seem to live in the year 3019! And at the end of the article, we will show you a cool lighter that may not light your cigarette, but it sure will start a giant fire.

1. You can transport a cake using a piece of plywood and duct tape.

2. You can make a new mode of transportation using a broken bike and a scooter.

3. You can put duct tape on a light and stitch a bumper.

4. More proof that simple things are genius

5. If the handle on a microwave oven is broken, you can use a handle from the bathroom.

6. If you need to type a lot of text into a cell phone, connect a keyboard to it.

7. Experienced gardeners don’t use scissors anymore.

8. You can use a screwdriver to move your skateboard.

9. These guys made a roof using what they had.

10. When your father is a genius:

11. Want to capture epic sports footage but can’t afford a cameraman with a drone? You can always hang your iPhone on a string.

12. Not her first time...

13. Would you try to ride this?

14. Complete independence

15. Never throw away the boxes from your devices — you may need them one day.

16. It’s genius, plain and simple.

17. How to make a door handle using duct tape:

18. You can replace a hair tie with this:

19. “My guy is living in 3019.”

20. “My pant’s button broke while I was at work. I improvised.”

21. This guy is growing up to be genius.

22. “Hubby is in Colombia and can’t watch his beloved leaves, so it’s Skype to the rescue!”

23. Land boat

24. Cutting firewood

25. “My coworker rigged this. He was so proud of it.”

Bonus: Regular lighters are a thing of the past!

We were really inspired by the video of the iPhone shooting from a string. Which invention did you like the most?

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