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25 Photos of Everyday Things Shown From a Completely Unexpected Side


Scientists explain that when we see something our brain runs through a gazillion pieces of stored information to figure out what it is. Occasionally it gets confused, even with very ordinary objects. In this article, we want to show you some everyday things that look so different you might struggle trying to figure out what they are.

We at Bright Side selected a few photos of familiar objects that are almost unrecognizable.

1. The inside of a mature hedge

2. The inside of a firework

3. The inside of a copy machine

4. Below an ice shelf

5. The Beatles from an unusual perspective

6. A unique perspective on the wreck of the Costa Concordia

7. Just a polar bear from an unusual angle

8. A unique perspective of Devil’s Tower captured by a drone

9. The new Bay Bridge from a different angle

10. An aerial shot of a snow-capped forest

11. The Eiffel Tower can be almost unrecognizable

12. Cross-section of a commercial passenger jet

13. Japan fixes a huge sinkhole in Fukuoka city

14. A perfect reflection

15. Do you still think that it’s just a statue?

16. How a creative photographer sees the forest

17. A theme park from above

18. A river dolphin

19. A transmission tower

20. A motorcycle helmet

21. A macro photo of an emerald damselfly

22. Nelson, a hedgehog without his spines

23. The inner workings of a bottle of shaving cream

24. Where the glacier meets the lake

25. The inside of a microchip

Which photo did you find the most unusual? Tell us in the comments.

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