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25+ Photos Proving You Can Take an Awesome Picture Even in a Trash Can

While some people spend a lot of time looking for a beautiful location for a photo, others don’t care at all. The people in this compilation are able to take an amazing photo anywhere, even in the most boring places.

We at Bright Side are absolutely sure that it’s not about the location, it is all about the good photographer and the right angle. We are sure that after these 26 pictures, you will learn to notice good locations in the places you wouldn’t have even looked at before. For example, like the girl in the bonus photo that turned an old cabinet into a fairy tale.

A true masterpiece taken among rusty rebar and trass.

Popcorn swimming pool actually turned out to be a cardboard box.

You can find a cute flower bed even at a gas station!

The fairy tale entrance

The backstage of beauty photos in a small bathroom

While you are waiting for your order in a cafe, you can take a cool portrait.

What a great background in such a boring location.

An unusual angle, a talented photographer, and the right editing make a boring parking lot into a great location.

Flower boutiques are great. Just make sure the owner doesn’t mind.

It’s also important to not damage the flowers.

“Use mirrors and doorways to create depth! (The lighting is a nerf gun magazine taped onto a light and a flashlight with PS4 game covers.”

One person might say it’s a barn, someone else sees a photoshoot site.

A colorful background makes a successful photo 90% of the time. It doesn’t matter what you use for it.

The closet, some tulle — and you... Your romantic photo is ready to be posted.

This looks like a rainforest.

Nothing unusual about this fence but the photo is magnetic!

Just a cottage house fence, but it looks so cool!

The older and the rustier a building is, the better the background it makes for a photo.

Any tree or bush always looks great. It doesn’t matter where it grows.

Dark glasses, the right face, and a supermarket cart in the parking lot are all you need for an epic photo.

The right angle can turn a regular wasteland into a meadow full of flowers.

Make the best of what you’ve got.

A rusty fence that looks great with the brick-color scarf creates a really warm mood.

Anything can work for a street-style photo.

You can take a romantic photo in the slums.

Bonus: A fairy tale in a regular closet

We are in love with the photo in the closet and we really want to do it ourselves. Where do you draw the inspiration for your photo masterpieces?

Preview photo credit arrobabr / Instagram
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