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25+ Photos That Can Give Your Inner Perfectionist the Eyegasms It Deserves

We all know the internet is a chaotic and turbulent realm, but even in the middle of this information storm, there are moments that let us dive deep into a kingdom of calm and respite where we can just breathe inward. Ah, order, symmetry, and perfection — the trinity of relaxation! Just think of this as a hot, cozy cup of tea on a snowy, winter evening, but for the brain!

Our perfection-inclined brains at Bright Side compiled 27 photos to both relax and sway your mind into a state of relief and awe!

WARNING: People susceptible to eyegasms should tread carefully!

27. A whole new meaning to the word “synchronization”

26. “I was shaking a box of toothpicks and they arranged like this.”

25. You almost don’t want to drink it.

24. “I hope they accept sculptures at the grocery store.”

23. That’s a great paint job!

22. “If only my pencil case were this tidy.”

21. Yep, that’s ice cream!

20. “I prefer to organize my books as a fort...”

19. “Part of being healthy is being tidy!”

18. Repairing the city, one block at a time.

17. “Ssstep assside, human. This is how you coil ssssomething!”

16. Who said pipes can’t be beautiful too?

15. The waves of order

14. Did they measure this with a ruler?!

13. “My pencil blossomed into a beautiful flower!”

12. Awe-inspiring perfection

11. The bottom looks just like ice cream!

10. So perfect it looks just like a cake.

9. A habitable testament to perfection

8. Sunset puzzlevard!

7. The inner perfection of a lampshade

6. “This year’s ice harvest has surpassed our expectations...”

5. A whole new meaning to the term, “pinning”...

4. “Mommy, my forks are making me feel strange and dizzy...”

3. “Yes, we’re all back to the future, Marty!”

2. Perfection wears pink.

1. “I bet it tastes as good as it looks.”

Did these scratch that perfectionist itch? We hope so! There’s plenty more out there and we bet some of you have captured one or more moments of perfectionist bliss, so be sure to share them below!

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