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25 Photos That Prove Men Are Experts at Spending Time Wisely

It seems men know how to live according to their own rules way better than women. They never look at other people and worry about what impression they might be making. Each photo from this compilation proves that life is full of eternal fun in any conditions for fathers, brothers, and husbands.

Bright Side has learned once again that the representatives of the strong half of humanity know how to spend time in an unforgettable way.

“My husband found a better use for my birthday present.”

Lucky skateboarder

“I took at least 200 pics on a safari ride. This is the only pic my husband took.”

Dog master, or how to make 11 animals sit calmly in front of a camera:

Here’s a life hack for those whose work is boring and mundane but they want fame anyway:

It seems he decided to cool down a little bit.

When you think your costume is good enough and you are not bothered about it at all:

A selfie in an elevator full of people might be actual torture for some people, but not for this calm guy.

An unexpected and nice Lara Croft cosplay

“This is my favorite mug. I got it at a thrift store and have no idea who these people are.”

When you like “Metallica” and don’t care about what the world might think of you:

When you don’t have a dog but need to breathe fresh air anyway:

This guy brought his gaming super computer into the public library, in several suitcases.

Every man is a kid inside who wants to take a good run and dive into the sea.

When your insurance company asked for a photo from the scene of the accident:

This guy knows what photos to take so that they will be looked at more than once a year.

When you decided to trick nature:

“Went out to a carnival one night. Found my best friend.”

There’s so much good material in antique shops.

“I didn’t get to dress up because my husband stole my costume.”

“My husband was lying on the sand for 20 minutes waiting for the crab to emerge so he could get the perfect shot.”

That’s what happens when you ask your husband to help with the cleaning. The dog seems to be happy to help its owner.

They got out of their vehicle to order food wearing neon green Mickey Mouse ears.

“My buddy’s basement flooded so he made the best of it.”

When you decide to take a cool photo for Instagram:

Which stories about men and their knowledge of “real fun” are you aware of? Please share them with us in the comments!

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