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25 Photos That Show How Drastically Our World Is Changing

The world changes so fast and unexpectedly that it's hard to imagine how different everything was in the years before us.

Bright Side has gathered some spectacular "then and now" photos that will definitely convince you that time changes the world around us pretty fast.

Just 4 months apart

Then and now: a boy who managed to defeat cancer

Before and after power washing

"A friend of mine walked from Mexico to Canada. This is him before and after."

A lighthouse before and after a winter storm

10 years later

A moth before and after its transformation

Before and after the 100,000 acre fire in California

Traveler, Christoph Rehage, walked through China and this is how he changed in just 1 year.

Just 10 months later

The Water crisis in Sao Paulo, Brazil changed the area completely in just 6 months.

"My sister before and after losing over 168 lb in 11 months"

This is how fog can completely change the look of a street.

A before and after pic of the Berlin Wall

"My Old English Sheepdog before and after his haircut"

Changing seasons

The Aral Sea all dried up

New York City in 1982 and 2015

"2 pics of my cat just 7 months apart"

Before and after the first day of school

This is what 5 hours of work look like.

Abraham Lincoln before and after the American Civil War

"My girlfriend decided to visit me."

Great winter

Do your pets grow fast too?

Bonus: how pugs have changed over the past 218 years

Do you have any photos that depict some amazing changes? Share them with us in the comments!

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