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25 Photos That Will Make Anyone Feel Jittery

If you're ready to do anything for a thrill, just take a look at these photos. We bet the people who took them would have done anything to be in any other place. Aren't you scared?

Bright Side gathered several photos that it's best not to look at before going to bed.

A modern security system

It's just a cat sitting on a stick, but you have to look twice.

Many novice drivers have nightmares about this bridge.

We warn you — the view in this photo will make your palms sweaty.

Always watch your step.

Perhaps brushing your teeth isn't always necessary.

The main thing is not to look down.

This guy has nerves of steel.

How do we go to the bathroom now?

"Currently renovating our house. Seems everyone has come out of hiding."

"My auntie's microwave has a scary 'chaos' button. I wonder what would happen if I pressed it."

Not quite the kind of fun he expected!

What a cute kitty! Oh, wait...

I'll use the stairs.

"This parking spot looks like a poster for a horror movie."

When the light and your imagination work against you:

It's not a harmless snowman.

"A picture of my kids at the zoo looks more like a scene from a horror movie."

I've been bamboozled!

This photo proves that sailors are fearless.

We wonder what it looks like when it's dark outside.

We didn't expect so many "guests."

Please, let it be just a sticker.

No one would ever want to see this in their backyard.

Just leave it like that.

Are you scared? So are we! Tell us in the comments about scary stories and unexpected finds that happened to you.

Preview photo credit fingerbus / reddit
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