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25 Photos Where You Can See Something That’s Not There

Sometimes, our eyes play tricks on us and make us see things that aren't really there. This is how optical illusions appear. For example, there is a famous statue in India and if you look at it, you won't be able to understand if it's an elephant's head or a bull's head.

Bright Side collected some strange photos that will definitely require a second look.

How the faces of 2 horses seem to have merged into one:

"I couldn't understand what was wrong with my hair!"

This car's shadow looks like a happy cowboy with a giant chin:

I took a picture of my roommate and the waiter looks like he has a really long arm.

This is not the best wedding photo:

"The way the Nutella gave this zebra a beautiful hairdo..."

This pear is as long as the banana:

These sneakers look like dirty white socks with sandals:

The flowers on this tree make it look like it hasn’t fully loaded yet...

This amethyst geode with calcite looks like a nuclear explosion:

A high-definition photograph of blood vessels in a human eye looks like a creepy forest.

This city needs a hero. And here he is!

It looks like there is a dwarf living in this bathroom.

"It took me 3 minutes to realize that it wasn't his head."

A centaur-girl is among us...

It's hard to understand what this is...

Does the head belong to a bull or to an elephant?

This is really creepy:

This is how 2 cats become one:

A really strange fish

"My already tall friend (over 7 ft) accidentally took an optical illusion photo."

A really cool Halloween costume

How do you like this waterfall from the bottle?

Such a strange wheel!

So this is how clouds appear!

Which of these illusions tricked you? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit R1CHMINDED/twitter
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