25 Rare Photos Showing the Wonders of Nature

Despite the fact that today’s wildly beautiful deserts, mountains, and oceans aren’t new to anyone, nature still finds ways to make our jaws drop — whether it’s with fungus glowing in the dark, a blonde seal pup, or palm-sized blueberries!

Here at Bright Side, we want you to get a glimpse of these mesmerizing wonders of nature and take a minute to appreciate the world we live in.

1. A crescent moon and Jupiter with 4 of its moons

2. Frost flowers on the surface of the sea

3. A teeny-tiny dragon lizard!

4. The sun’s full disc that was photobombed by a bird!

5. When it’s very cold, you can actually see the melody.

6. Giant 196-foot (60-meter) driftwood that washed up on the beach

7. Turns out, minerals change color when they’re exposed to light.

8. A fungus that emits green light through bioluminescence

9. A blonde seal pup!

10. A leaf that lost its leafiness

11. Crystal clear ice from Lake Baikal

12. Black velvet gecko

13. Enchanting deep sea jellyfish

14. A chameleon shedding his skin looks like he’s wearing pajamas!

15. A lake in Australia that has a pink hue due to a special bacteria

16. The true magic of nature — a tree that grew out of a tree!

17. “A very small dragon”

18. “Where can I find such a magical forest?”

19. The cloud looks like a huge mountain snow avalanche!

20. A honeycomb that accurately illustrates the word “perfection”

21. The way the sky looks like a hurricane is just mesmerizing.

22. A bicycle that was swallowed by the tree a long time ago

23. A Saturniidae moth’s caterpillar looks like a rare pokémon!

24. This shimmering green sea turtle reminds us of a trunk of treasure!

25. Spanish Shawl Nudibranch — a cute, colorful mollusk baby!

The tree that ate the bike is our absolute favorite! Which photo did you find to be the most fascinating? Do you have anything to add to the list? We’d be happy to see your stories and photos in the comment section below!

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