24 Reasons That Roommates Are an Absurd Breed of Human

Living with roommates is an important part of growing up and an extra opportunity to have fun. Even celebrities had their share of it. Justin Timberlake was Ryan Gosling’s roommate, and he confessed they used to do terrible things, like stealing a golf cart, and thought it was cool.

People who’ve ever had roommates will never forget the military-like training, where your sense of humor and ingenuity helped you survive. If you didn’t hone these special skills, you were bound to lose. And, you might want to admit that these pranking moments were amazing and some of the best of your life!

Bright Side is excited to present to you 24 examples proving that roommates are people who never give up and always motivate you to develop yourself!

1. “Asked my roommate to fix the doorknob. Came home to this. Ain’t even mad.”

2. Can you imagine how much time this took?

3. When your roommate’s trying to help you find a boyfriend:

4. Such a good way to prevent getting the flu!

5. “Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetops...”

6. We thought it would be a fun prank to trap my roommate in the bathroom. He disagreed.

7. I’ve been threatening to prank my roommate for months. Finally got’em!

8. The walk of shame sounds like the worst nightmare ever.

9. Why so serious?

10. One of the top 5 scariest things to wake up to. Good prank roommate.

11. My roommate has difficulties finding the hole.

12. Don’t you ever dare fall asleep at parties!

13. How soon do you think the roommates will be searching for a new one?

14. My roommate’s always leaving aggressive notes about what she does around the house. Thought I’d do the same.

15. Let the prank war begin!

16. Screaming in 3, 2, 1...

17. Made this guy out of our roommate’s clothes. I’ve never heard a grown man scream so much.

18. They all have water in them. I love my roommates so much.

19. My roommate learned the difference between dish soap and dishwasher soap.

20. Literally covered my roommate’s bed with 324 pieces of cornbread to make it a Cornbed.

21. Don’t tell your roommate you’re on a diet.

22. “Thought my roommate was bringing a girl home tonight, so naturally I did this to his bedroom.”

23. This snowman seems he wants to play a game:

24. “I’m looking for a new roommate.”

What prank did you like most? Share your college stories with us in the comments!

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