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25+ Reasons Why Saving on a Hotel Doesn’t Quite Work

A nest in the bedroom, green water in the swimming pool, packets of salt in salt shakers, and awfully cramped bathrooms may all sound weird, but this is the price paid by those looking for a discount. Next time you look for cheap accommodation, make sure you don’t choose one of these hotels.

Saving money on a hotel is something almost everyone is in search of for these days. If you are looking for a cheap place to stay, be sure to make the right choice since there are things that low-cost hotels may surprise you with.

Bright Side gathered a collection of some hotel failures that their guests will never forget.

1. Choose this hotel if you want to be closer to nature:

2. When the book you took with you comes in handy:

3. Hotels of a higher class have toilet seats...

4. ...and white duct tape.

5. Now it's safe...

6. Is this an example of modern design or just a dirty swimming pool?

7. “Little things like these are clues indicating you should probably turn around and go to a different hotel...”

8. "I always appreciate helpful safety instructions on a bathtub."

9. Well, at least the signal is good.

10. This is creepy:

11. The most polite way to call for help...

12. "Trying to believe in myself."

13. For those who can't stand order and symmetry:

14. "Sweet location for the TV with these bed posts."

15. When an aircraft engineer designs a bathroom:

16. This bathroom was probably designed by the same person:

17. ...and this one too:

18. Just make sure you remove all of the makeup first...

19. This looks confusing:

20. And you thought forgetting your charger was the worst thing that could happen...

21. "Requested the top floor for the view."

22. "My hotel likes this painting so much they hung up 2 of them."

23. Long enough to reach the socket

24. "Do not disturb" sounds better...

25. "The definition of irony in Las Vegas..."

26. "In case you get hungry while going to the bathroom."

Bonus: Don't say they didn't warn you.

Which of the pictures surprised you the most? If you have your own stories about hotel failures, feel free to share them in the comments!

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