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25+ Road Signs That Make Zero Sense to Regular Folks

As a rule, road signs are made to capture our attention, warn us about possible danger or provide us with some necessary information. However, not all signs you may come across when driving are always dull and boring. With about 4.12 million miles of road in the USA alone, it's not unusual to find almost any sort of human creativity expressed in this form of art.

Bright Side gathered 27 photos of some road signs taken all over the world that will definitely leave you asking a lot of questions.

27. At least somebody is being honest here.

26. Caution: Superman is carrying a bicycle!

25. What's this? An ancient cannon?

24. "Yes, I got this."

23. "That's exactly what I need after skiing."

22. The most confusing sign ever

21. We didn't know they rode horse-sized ducks in New Zealand.

20. The perfect secret

19. A moment of black humor

18. Don't forget that they can damage your car.

17. Is it really that boring there?

16. Locals know how to do business in South Africa.

15. That awkward sign you pass after you've just picked up a hitchhiker.

14. "Okay, I'll try."

13. Why do they do this?

12. "I must touch it right now."

11. Is it a new species or what?

10. Safety is above all in Rhode Island.

9. Holy cow!

8. Because normal bridge signs are just boring.

7. These road signs disclose the real identity of Superman.

6. Zombies everywhere!

5. How fast are chickens in the UK?

4. Don't drink and make road signs.

3. Thanks, Cap!

2. What's wrong with these animals?

1. Beware of the penguins from New Zealand!

Have you ever come across any funny or weird road signs? Share your photos in the comments!

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