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25 Situations When the First Time Was a Total Charm

People feel the strongest emotions when trying something for the first time. Thanks to photos and videos, there’s an opportunity to share some breathtaking first-time stories like that of Sonia and Anita, 2 sisters who were born blind. An eye operation made it possible for them to see their mom for the first time. The first words that one of the sisters kept repeating were, “Mother! I can see! I can see!”

A first time is something that cannot be recaptured, but it is something that can be treasured and relived with the help of photos and videos.

We at Bright Side have prepared a selection of the most adorable firsts and we want to share them with our readers!

1. Tribal children see an iPad for the first time.

2. “My blind friend’s first time holding a cat”

3. Years ago my great-grandmother made a promise that she would ride her first motorcycle on her 100th birthday. That day has come:

4. These kids in China have never seen red hair before and asked to touch it.

5. “My niece meets a dog for the first time.”

6. First snow

7. This bull sees the beach and sand for the first time and he’s loving it!

8. This grandma took her first selfie!

9. First Birthday cake

10. Tasting grapefruit for the first time

11. First time using chopsticks

12. “Get on the ride,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

13. Who remembers the first time they took their parents to a Japanese restaurant?

14. “My daughter’s reaction to seeing a ballerina for the first time.”

15. “The very first time my daughter dressed herself.”

16. Meeting Santa for the first time

17. This warrior stood up straight for the first time yesterday.

18. First time without the wheelchair!

19. The little darling was born blind, two cornea transplants let him drive his car. He couldn’t get off of it...

20. This deployed soldier has never seen his daughter before:

21. First time visiting the Grand Canyon and this happened:

22. Mom got her first windowed oven.

22. Discovering an escalator

23. The first time the family plays backyard football

24. “This is my grandma firing a gun for the first time in her life. Enjoying it as much as she did.”

25. 96-year-old grandma playing VR for the first time

Which of these firsts did you like the most? Do you have any photos or videos of your own first times? Share with us in the comment section below!

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