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25 Sloppy Repairs We Can Only Facepalm At (You Probably Will Too)

Everybody has fixed their own car or something in their apartment at least once in their lives. And while most people are generally good with renovations or at least try to handle things professionally, there are some who follow the mentality of, “Whatever, it’s good enough.” These types of people don’t care if their car security is a simple chain with a lock, or if their computer cooling system is just a fan taped to a power unit.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 25 photos of the sloppiest renovations known to man.

1. This water system is definitely not the safest.

2. They obviously take their car’s security extremely seriously.

3. We’re not sure that’s the best way to prevent your computer from overheating...

4. And that’s not the best solution to get the hand-dryer working again...

5. That’s not how a window repair works!

6. We’re pretty sure that’s not how electricity is supposed to work...

7. Road repair wasn’t successful for this car.

8. When your heart and your brain are both in party mode:

9. At least they’ve fixed their windshield wipers somehow!

10. This bucket probably has the most wonderful Wi-Fi.

11. We hope he’s alive after this repair process.

12. This might not work how they want it to...

13. At least they could actually see the road behind them.

14. When your crafts are in better shape than your bank account:

15. They haven’t left it open and that’s what matters.

16. We believe this could’ve been done differently.

17. The downside is that they probably won’t light up...

18. Not the safest way to fly for sure...

19. At least they didn’t leave their car without headlights!

20. That’s not what cake candles look like!

21. It’s good enough for now.

22. Tape is literally the most useful tool on the planet.

23. They didn’t care much and it’s obvious.

24. “Not the best fan, but it will do.”

25. We’re not sure we want to live in this particular house.

If you have any other photos of genuinely sloppy repairs, please share them in the comments below.

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