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25 Smart-Ass Ideas That We’d Have to Invent If They Didn’t Exist

Have you ever been left unsatisfied with what the market had to offer and just wanted to create it yourself? Or has there ever been anything you couldn't afford but could easily make it yourself? You clearly needed a little bit of creativity and in some cases, laziness. See what extraordinary things people manage to invent thanks to these 2 qualities.

If you want something done right, there's no one more perfect for the job than yourself. No matter how small the invention or idea, it's something you should be proud of!

At Bright Side, we've prepared the most comfortable and easy-to-do inventions that may inspire the genius inside of you!

1. The greatest idea ever!

2. Anything is a pillow if you're tired enough.

3. "Don't forget your lunch!"

4. Are tractors really necessary when you have the best vehicle in existence?

5. A perfect place where you can be alone with your own thoughts.

6. "Maybe then I won't sleep through it..."

7. In my head, it's like a song that sounds familiar to me.

8. Trying to swim for the first time:

9. This tiki head tissue box holder is a work of art.

10. Lost could've had fewer seasons.

11. This magnetic cookie dunker is engineering at its best.

12. Bath time at its best.

13. It's not stupid if it works.

14. This is what heels were invented for:

15. How to keep calm in a traffic jam:

16. "Finally found a use for my old TV..."

17. A see-through section of your apron means you'll never be bored again.

18. I bet you didn't know about this function of these shelves.

19. Finally, we can fit both bowls in the microwave at the same time!

20. Engineering is not a profession, it's a vocation.

21. Culinary art level: God.

22. Truly riding hands-free.

23. I wonder if it's his ball or if it belongs to who did the crime.

24. Couldn't find my candle holder so as a musician, I improvised the best I could.

25. A padded bra makes for effective fireworks earmuffs.

Which of these genius inventions did you like most? Tell us in the comments and share your own inventions if there are any!

Preview photo credit Kobeer81 / Reddit, AcidCow
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