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25 Staggering Photos That Make Us Doubt the Sanity of Our World

Sometimes when looking through photos from different internet users, you instantly start asking yourself, "I wonder what happened next?" or "I want to know the story behind this photo." In this article, we collected various photos of this kind. Though you probably won't find the answers to your questions, we can still guarantee that you'll be surprised.

Bright Side collected 25 photos for you where some unexplained stuff is happening.

"My Uber driver got out of the car and started to try to catch this kangaroo."

"What if it's one of us?!"

"Doggy PlayStation"

Minions and Patrick are not the same anymore, or are they?

They look exactly like you!

Mario works as Mario. Everything is quite logical.

A hard hat protecting a hat that is protecting a head

It seems this rooster knows that pink is trending.

A magic race

What a cool game! Stop, what?!

A brand new case for your lizard

Ummm, what is this then?

Is this considered wet cleaning?

Darling, meet our new pet - it's going to live with us.

There is nothing better than watching TV in the open air.

When you take the phrase "I could do it lying down." way too far:

When you are afraid to mix up your bird with the others:

Is that Australian Spiderman?

Safety, security, awareness!

It seems someone had a very bad day.

That's how very talkative dinosaurs are transported to new zoos.

The radio signal works better this way.

A dentist's nightmare

In an alternate reality, Harry Potter never learned to use transgression.

Migratory toilet bowls stopped for a rest.

Can you explain the things happening in these pictures? Please share you guesses in the comments!

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