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25 Things Designers Should Have Invented Ages Ago

Have you ever seen something and wanted to say, "How come this wasn't invented before?" We keep repeating these words when we look at the pictures in this article!

Bright Side has collected 25 photos that prove that designers really deserve the money they earn.

25. Automatic shoe cover machine

24. A snorkeling mask that lets you breathe through your nose and mouth

23. The posts and the stoplights light up the same color.

22. Shower curtain with waterproof holders for devices

21. A small library in the subway

20. A table that turns into a shelf in the blink of an eye

19. This machine will fold your clothes for you:

18. A round radiator. Unfortunately, there aren't many columns in modern buildings, so there is nowhere to put this thing.

17. In this bar, beverages are served in levitating glasses.

16. The cardboard tubes on the inside of these toilet paper rolls have barcodes that you can scan with the supermarket’s app to order new ones.

15. "My hotel in Odessa (Ukraine) tells you which day it is by changing the elevator carpet every day."

14. A rocking bed. It seems that now we know exactly what we need in our dream bedroom.

10. This escalator reminds you how to use it:

9. How can you not think about food sitting on a chair like this?

8. A lamp with holes — constellations. You can go to space by just turning off the light.

7. These glasses know exactly what's inside:

6. Bulbs that require 80% less energy but produce the same light

5. You thought that these were paintings? No, it's a radiator that changes color depending on the temperature.

4. This is a very convenient thing for tea bags:

3. A charger with a glowing wire. No more tripping over the cord at night!

2. A hedgehog toothpick holder. A nice gift for those who love throwing parties.

1. A topping shaker in the shape of a unicorn

Have you ever come across any of these inventions? Which did you like the most? Share with us in the comments!

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