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25+ Things From Your Childhood That Millennials Will Never Understand

Sometimes we feel missed out on interesting things both good and bad that our parents fancied and used to love. There was a time when school papers were expected to be written by hand and getting to type them up was a treat. There was even a time when writing school papers by hand was the only option!

Bright Side knows that many things that are nostalgic for some can be shocking for others...take a look at this collection and see where you stand!

1. The first thing a lot of kids did when their family first got a computer was check to see if it had any free games installed.

2. You didn’t need to watch videos on your phone when you could just play with this.

3. The heartbreak of finding these broken hearts

4. There was a time when having a phone in your room was a life or death decision...and it needed to be see-through.

5. Rewinding old movies may have been a chore, but it was pretty funny when the voices were played backward.

6. Preparing for the end of days sure was a lot of fun.

7. What’s harder? Explaining what video rental stores were or what videos were?

8. Well, if Crystal Pepsi can make a comeback, what else is possible?

9. The iZone was many a child’s first venture into taking pictures. Seriously, why would children ever be trusted with a camera?

10. Before your parents would buy you a video game, there was often this rite of passage.

11. There was once a time when chocolate chips didn’t mean what you thought it meant.

12. Before there was Wikipedia, there was Encarta. It had a theme song and a maze game.

13. This was the original selfie.

14. Disposable cameras sure came in handy at events; who would ever think to always have a camera on hand?

15. This is basically the 2000s in a nutshell.

16. Halloween used to be nothing without these guys.

17. Colorforms were the perfect way to waste an afternoon.

18. Anyone remember when Bugs Bunny had his own store?

19. Moon shoes were the ultimate practice for walking in space...or at least platform shoes.

20. There was a time when “troll” wasn’t an insult.

21. Who didn’t use this to stretch out their school reports?

22. Sure, you could just buy Disney movies on DVD, video, and in books and toys, but true Disney fans listen to the records.

23. Star-shaped toothpaste is clearly the best way to get kids excited about their dental hygiene.

24. Let’s just all have a moment of silence for slumber party crank calls, all thanks to the birth of devices like these.

25. Any love for some Fraggles?

26. According to The Simpsons, if you still have one, you might be able to trade it in at the bank for a real dollar!

27. Polly Pocket used to fit inside your’s probably why she’s named that.

28. There were 2 kinds of ’90s kids: those who had a favorite Sailor Scout and those who just made up an OC Sailor Scout.

29. “Anyone else remember pogs? Ah, childhood...”

Do you have any memories from the past that would confuse today’s kids? Let us know!

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