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25 Things That Can Change the Way You See the World When They’re Cut in Half

Think back to when we used to cut toys open in our childhood just to see what’s hiding inside. Apparently, this curiosity has never faded away and has stuck with us, even into our adulthood.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what some ordinary things look like when they’re split in half.

25. A purple cabbage

24. A bone

23. An artichoke

22. A grenade

21. A cigarette foil ball

20. A rattlesnake

19. An armchair

18. Pearls

17. A mechanical calculator

16. A concert hall

15. Kiwano melon

14. A nautilus shell

13. A Soviet submarine

12. A hard disk drive

11. A sea scallop

10. A lotus root

9. A piece of fossilized white oak

8. An aerial firework

7. An accordion

6. A cigar

5. A battery

4. An aloe leaf

3. A tube of toothpaste

2. A cacao pod

1. An agate shell. Minerals have grown in the voids of the shell and eventually replaced the shell itself.

What other common objects have you ever seen cut in half that amazed you?

Preview photo credit youcancallmealsdkf / Reddit