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25 Things We’ve Often Heard of but Only Few Were Lucky to See

Even in the 21st century, a time full of all kinds of different information, many things remain a mystery to us. We can easily say that we know almost everything thanks to the Internet. But still, there are plenty of things in the world that most people have heard of but have never seen. For example, do you know what the Sphinx looks like from the back?

Bright Side is about to show you pictures you have definitely never seen before and you probably wouldn’t even think about searching for them on purpose.

The way a pinecone sprouts

A snake molting from its old skin

A Nile crocodile peaking through its eggshell

The place where lightning struck

A spider making its web

The real mask of a plague doctor

A close-up on a spider’s leg

A long exposure of a firework taking off

Paper beats rock.

You don’t typically see this part of Earth.

The cross-section of a commercial airplane

4 years of images of an exploding star in 15 seconds

A hammerhead shark’s head X-ray

Hurricane Florence from the Space Station

An octopus emitting ink when it’s in danger

“This is what bananas look like at the beginning of their maturation process. I grow them in my backyard.”

Practicing kidney surgery

A 3D-printed exo-prosthetic leg

This bar/restaurant in Chicago was the first to obtain its liquor license from the city after prohibition ended. Their license number is 1.

Helicopters in a package

Rainbow Falls (Big Island, HI) normal vs hurricane floodwaters

The sunken statue of a Pharaoh found near the submerged city of Heracleion, it measures at 5.4 meters.

The cross-section of an Agate

A cruise ship in the Panama Canal

Sphinx from the back

What things amazed you when you saw them for the first time in your life? Tell us in the comment section below.

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