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25 Times People Surfed the High Tide of the Heatwave

Although most of us love summer's warm weather, sometimes it can be a little too hot to handle. Of course, air conditioning is a great way to get out of the heat, but what if that's not an option?

Bright Side has chosen a few photos that show us the destructive power of extreme heat. Be sure not to miss the very important bonus at the end of the article!

1. Next time they should use a stainless steel mug.

2. "Please, don't switch it off!"

3. It must be hot when the fans look more like a Cocker Spaniel's ears.

4. We think it's time to get a bigger pool.

5. Handy trick for staying cool at the office, as long as the fan doesn't have blades.

6. "This is my summer kennel."

7. "I'm staying here today."

8. This is what Australians are dealing with.

9. Please keep the kids away from the trampoline today.

10. Sometimes it can get too hot for even a candle to handle.

11. Have you ever tried melted skittles?

12. It's too hot for this snake to touch the ground.

13. It's so hot that even this hamster gets a personal A.C.

14. The race can wait, the thirst cannot.

15. Birds online.

16. Even peanut butter can turn into peanut cream.

17. "Don't even think about kicking me out."

18. "It's hot, and I fit, so I sit."

19. Ice age, the meltdown.

20. Shade: nature's air conditioning.

21. Bath time!

22. I am not going anywhere!!!

23. It used to be a cone, now it's a pancake.

24. Hopefully the driver doesn't have to go anywhere today.

25. You know it's really hot when you can't touch the steering wheel without wearing oven mitts.

Bonus: Take care of your pets and wildlife in the heat!

Although most of us like summer, it's not much fun when there's no shelter nearby. We need to remember that our pets and wildlife suffer from the heat just as much as humans do. While we make sure to get enough water and shade for our pets, we need to do the same for birds and other wildlife. Fill shallow dishes with water and leave it in your yard or balcony for small animals and birds to drink. This simple action takes minimal effort and can save little life.

Does it get hot where you live? Or perhaps you've experienced a heatwave while you were on vacation? Tell us about it in the comments and show your photos!

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