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25 Times People Wanted to Save on a Hotel Stay and Regretted It Bitterly

Sometimes the quality of the service in hotels is really low, with bags of salt in the salt shakers, no power socket near a coffee machine, and a Wi-Fi signal that can’t be found. Perhaps these problems are a funny way for hotels to attract more attention to them, but we think it’s not the kind of publicity any hotel would want.

Bright Side has collected photos of hotels that its visitors will never forget — even though they wish they could. Hopefully thanks to these photos, you will choose hotels more carefully in the future.

25. Without a power socket, how can we drink the coffee?

24. When you suddenly feel like you’re a giant:

23. In case you don’t like the shower head, how about a hole in the ceiling?

22. When you finally find the Wi-Fi signal:

21. A “safe in the table drawer” is a dream of every visitor.

20. The only thing that matters is how easy it is to change light bulbs.

19. The path will be long.

18. There was no better place...

17. Don’t fall when stepping out of the shower!

16. What happens in the other room if you unplug this?

15. At least you can’t see the toilet.

14. The frame is nice but what’s with the angle?

13. “My hotel room had two pictures of a duck in it.”

12. So that you don’t overeat, of course.

11. “I think my hotel was designed by M.C. Escher! Or J.K. Rowling...”

10. Nice placement

9. “When the husband sends you a picture of the ’wardrobe’ in his hotel room.”

8. Who needs a wide mattress?

7. One door for two rooms

6. Isn’t it too short?

5. A memorable bonus

4. “When the hotel has a contract with a hospital.”

3. Gotta love the “find a switch” game!

2. When the table design looks exactly like the key card design, you’re in trouble.

1. “The pillowcases at our hotel have a tiny ’palm tree’ stitched onto them.”

How do you decide if a hotel is good or bad? Tell us in the comment section below!

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