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25 Times Things Went Completely Wrong, but the Result Was Just “Wow”

Most of us have come across something that is not what we expected, but it ended up putting a smile on our face. Let’s say you accidentally spilled water, but before you could get upset, you saw what looked like a work of art! Life can randomly reward you with a beautiful mess.

We at Bright Side came across these “happy accidents” that should have been really disappointing, but that wound up “wow-ing” us.

1. When the code on the error screen looks like a city skyline:

2. Who would have known that leaving a bottle of coke in the freezer by mistake would produce a wooden bottle?

3. What about a UFO-shaped cloud on this fine day?

4. A quad-yolker? Maybe it brings good luck, like a yellow four-leaf clover.

5. The lights from the window made this block of cheese even cheesier with this rainbow effect.

6. If you don’t know how to draw a wild boar standing on a rock, just spill some water and maybe it will turn out like this.

7. It’s a glue bottle made of glue. Looks like a sculpture in a way, don’t you think?

8. Accidentally spilled ketchup in the shape of a bird!

9. Turn on the faucet and you get a wine glass.

10. Just cleaning some stains on the table and what do you know, there is a work of art on your cloth!

11. A picture of a forest awaits you at the bottom of your cup of coffee.

12. Don’t be upset about this broken piece of art. It seems to have created another piece of art in the form of a boat.

13. If your tiles broke and looked like some of Picasso’s art, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind.

14. The Earth got tattooed.

15. This broken microwave screen decided to give its owner a picture of the famous Mt. Fuji.

16. Water decided to make its mark on the back of this phone.

17. This broken TV can now be displayed as a piece of art.

18. Even a yolk has a heart.

19. Sure, onions have layers, but this? Inception...

20. Do you see a beetroot stain or Mushu, the red dragon in Mulan?

21. Even Einstein’s hair couldn’t do math like this Uber driver’s genius hair!

22. You thought it was just a candle until it burned and melted into a little sculpture.

23. Hi, friendly root.

24. The chemistry of oil and rain on asphalt created a masterpiece.

25. While a dropped lid might no longer be useful, at least this one looks like a jigsaw puzzle of skyscrapers.

Which of these "wow"ed you the most and have you ever come across these moments yourself? We’d say grab the camera and relay the story to us!

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