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25 True-Born Savages Who Seriously Crossed the Line

We usually deal with somewhat “normal” people in our daily lives. Most of them are so civilized and well behaved that it just becomes boring at some point. Savage people, on the other hand, are the ones who just don’t care about how they’re perceived and want to have fun — and with them having fun, you have fun too!

If you don’t have any savage people in your social circle, Bright Side has collected some images to show you how interesting your life would be if you did.

1. When you’re over-worked and nobody acknowledges it, so you decide to make a bold statement:

2. This person who just loves cheeseburgers

3. This person got drunk, broke a car window, collected all the cones from the surrounding area, and placed them around and on top of the car to prevent thieves from stealing it.

4. He was challenged to fit an entire box of straws in his mouth and he did it!

5. This snake that knows how to open a door

6. “Ok, the tower is set — let’s start playing.”

7. Now that’s the kind of gym we can commit to going to every day.

8. This 9-year-old’s present

9. Putting it in a cup didn’t really help, did it?

10. This knife that was thrown so hard it passed through the door

11. Haircut is loaded at 50%

12. Having a beer with Mario and Luigi

13. That’s definitely what you don’t want to see when you are boarding a plane!

14. This person ordered an outfit from Amazon while drunk.

15. The calm before the panic

16. This type of balance is quite impressive.

17. This person’s tip was a little artwork.

18. Supermarket employees know what students go through and they are offering an escape.

19. The letters are correct, just in the wrong order. No one will notice, right?

20. There wasn’t enough tin foil left to make a matching hat.

21. How this person eats their pretzel:

22. This person trying to get a free meal out of the server’s wages

23. “Hi Ugly, glad to hear it!”

24. Someone needs to be a little more gentle with their car...

25. When you really want to use those paper towels but opening the locked cupboard is only worth half the effort:

Have you ever overstepped the mark? Which is the craziest or most extreme thing you’ve ever done? Please let us know in the comments below.

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