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24 Unexpected Finds That Raise Too Many Questions

You might agree that it’s always nice to find something interesting and unusual, something that you want to share with everyone. The people from this compilation accidentally found some really unusual things: a kettle in a strange shape, a forgotten fun fair ticket that is 108 years old, and even the tooth of a giant dead shark.

Bright Side has collected 24 photographs of the amazing things that internet users have found and shared.

24. “I found a tiny pea pod in a bag of frozen peas.”

23. The Dutch island of Terschelling was covered with thousands of sneakers...

22. ...And one year later, bunches of bananas were found on the same beach!

21. “I opened a drawer in the office kitchen looking for a fork and found a rainbow instead.”

20. Found these fake sneakers in a store:

19. “I opened my medication and found 7 pills perfectly stuck at the top.”

18. Collection of reference seeds found in my Grandad’s attic:

17. This ancient Mountain Dew can I found in the woods:

16. “Biggest megalodon fossil I have found. Found while diving off the coast of N.C.”

15. “Found a GoPro that’s been in the ocean for roughly 2 months, it still works.”

14. “Found a Furby while digging a hole.”

13. “Abandoned highway 50. I found a road.”

12. “Found in the Roanoke River, Virginia. Hole is ~15mm deep, and imperfect.”

11. “Found a $10 bill in the parking lot...under the ice.”

10. “Yahaha! You found me!” (Outside my friend’s apartment)

9. Found this 10/10 chest in an abandoned barn a few weeks ago:

8. “Found a note from 1981 while demolishing the bathroom.”

7. “My mother found a 108 year old ticket to a fair in an old book being used as a book mark.”

6. “I found street art that looks like me.”

5. “Found this gem of an insect in my parking garage today.”

4. “I found a surprise in my rose bush!”

3. “My friend found this in the woods, he’s 6’4 and it stands up to his chest laying down like this.”

2. “I found a floor safe while pulling up carpet, does anyone know how I could possibly get it open?”

1. “Found this superb little guy in our garage today!”

Have you ever found something unusual that you wanted to share with your friends? Tell us in the comment section below!

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