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25 Weird Shots Where Logic Went Out of Control

When logic takes a vacation, absurdity steps in. Absurdity gets to work immediately by trying to turn usual life situations into something outstanding. That’s how dog spinners, mirror cars, and dinosaur fashion appear.

Bright Side has come across some photos that are difficult to explain with logic.

Beauty standards that are difficult to follow

“I’d been putting my sunglasses in there. What a dumbo I was!”

When you ordered an egg and cheese bagel but the cook decided that it would work this way too:

Technology of the future: prints on bread

This drawer seems like it should be bigger than it is.

When you decide to go through the restricted area but change your mind once you see the level of security:

The most precise weather forecast

“This hill is just too steep. Hold on a sec while I take the stairs.”

That’s a “unicorn” cake. What did you think it was?

Bathroom loading: 79%

It’s easy to guess what inspired the designer when they created these shirts.

When you need a 6-pack immediately:

The right way to do it:

Just a spinner for dogs. Now you’ve seen everything!

“The lines printed on my butter dish are soluble in butter.”

When you look through a menu and get some exercise in:

Though it’s not practical, it’s unique.

Design that dazzles in the literal sense of the word.

How do you eat pizza?

An easy way to puzzle a person:

Puss in Boots at the beginning and at the end of the working week

Breaking news: a pseudo cheeseburger has been noticed in the city!

Either the landscape designer has a rich fantasy or this is a photo of the first teleportation attempt.

When you’ve come from the past and you almost managed to disguise yourself:

Even IQ tests are simpler than this.

Have you ever seen anything crazy that should be a part of this compilation? Please share it with us in the comments!

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