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25 Weird Sights That Are Burned Into Our Retinas Forever

There are some things that break all the limits of weirdness. Yet, did you know that weirdness is sometimes a sign of genius? Bright minds have a totally different way of perceiving the world, and a red flower can make them think of chili peppers fighting tomatoes... Or maybe they want to walk a computer screen, like a lady in one of the pics did.

Bright Side has collected 25 photos that might describe future Einsteins!

1. When your legs refuse to get angry:

2. Looks like someone mastered air boating.

3. No matter what happens, I'm still going out to get lunch.

4. She knows she gets hungry after parties.

5. The pink sheep is the new dog.

6. His climbing skills make me jealous.

7. Let me know if you get what's going on here.

8. Looks like someone couldn't decide if they wanted to be Fester Addams or Winnie-the-Pooh for Halloween.

9. It's a good step to invisibility, man!

10. Bruce, you parked the Batmobile on the roof again!?

11. Always keep your property as close as you can.

12. I guess this man thinks he's too drunk.

13. What kind of magic is this?!

14. What the heck is this and why?

15. Mary Poppins: elderly version.

16. When you don't have a dog, but you want to walk something.

17. And you thought chopsticks were only good for sushi.

18. Nowadays bog monsters travel in the subway.

19. When you want that seat no matter what.

20. Pyramidhead would've been too boring - go computerhead!

21. We all look like this yeti when it's time to pay bills.

22. Come on, scroll down, it's just a peacock on the subway. Look, no one even cares.

23. I don't even know which of them is more hilarious.

24. This could be the hamster of Cruella de Vil.

25. Money-saving level: God.

Now let's see which pic impressed you the most. Close your eyes. Which of them do you see? Share in the comments below!

Preview photo credit smeen / imgur, hopohopo / imgur
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