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25+ Workplaces Where There’s Never a Dull Moment

A Harvard Business Review survey shows that 58% of people trust strangers more than their own boss. We understand that sometimes it's really difficult to trust people you work with, especially if they turn out to be real pranksters.

Bright Side gathered the most hilarious examples of pranks proving that your job shouldn't necessarily be dull or boring.

28. "My boss got a package today right after he walked out of the room. I left this for him."

27. "Almost had a heart attack this morning at work."

26. "Got a new job at a pool company, this is the bathroom."

25. "While my boss was on vacation, we found all the unused equipment."

24. "The milk situation at work is starting to get a little serious."

23. "Our boss went to Burning Man, so we decided to make our own art project with his desk."

22. "I've been at my job for 12 years... reading this gave me chest pains."

21. "My boss told me to find a way to keep mice out of our cable tray. I think this should work."

20. "This is in the office bathroom where I work."

19. "I asked my boss for an iPad and found this on my table the next day."

18. "My boss got this ridiculous excuse the other week and decided it needed to be hung up."

17. "So my boss asked me to make a warning sign for our second floor bay door. How'd I do?"

16. "My boss was tired of our wire cutters getting stolen. I'm not sure this will solve it."

15. "Boss hates Leonardo DiCaprio. So while he was on vacation, we did this."

14. "My mom's boss bought one of the original T-Rex heads from Jurassic Park. This is what you see when exiting the elevator on their floor."

13. "My boss says that I obviously don't have enough work to do."

12. "My hard drive is dying and my boss said to put it in the freezer... I don't trust my coworkers."

11. "My boss said he was nervous that I was configuring our client's new computer on the ground. I decided to prank him."

10. "My girlfriend got a new job, here's the cake from her old boss."

9. "My boss complained about my coworker's hair being too long. So she fixed the problem."

8. "Woke up to this Snapchat from my boss."

7. "My boss insists on using webcams during meetings. I insist on being a wizard."

6. "My boss has talked to me several times about leaving a note while I'm away from my desk. Today I made this convenient slider."

5. "My boss and I are in a contest to lose weight. Today is my birthday. This is what he brought me."

4. "My boss censored my clevage at work yesterday."

3. "I work in construction and get paid in cash."

2. "It's the boss's 50th birthday (birthday 49a, according to her). The team is very supportive."

1. "My boss didn't like his face in the group picture and asked me to photoshop it. Unfortunately, I have very limited GIMP skills."

Is your boss a real prankster? Or maybe it's you who likes to joke around? Share your hilarious workplace stories in the comments!

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