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26 Captivating Photos Where the Camera Itself Played a Trick

To take a good photo, you need everything: the right moment, an experienced photographer, and a good camera. But sometimes camera mistakes turn ordinary photos into masterpieces that would make any Photoshop guru jealous.

We at Bright Side have collected the most impressive photos that were captured accidentally. They are so unusual that it's hard to wrap your mind around some of them!

The portrait mode on my iPhone removed part of the glass in this picture.

We were trying to take a picture of the cat, but the focus was on the kid.

This mistake with the focus made the photo look very dramatic.

A glitch with the flash cut the photo in half.

A drop on the lens gave an unexpected effect.

Looks like your sea is broken!

When you learned to blink faster than a camera shutter:

Schrodinger's flash

I was trying to take a panorama shot, but I got a shot from Inception instead.

An unexpected guest in a photo of an eclipse!

I wanted to take a picture of a burning lighter, but my camera was faster.

Camera glitches can create apocalyptic stories.

Day and night in one photo

The cat appears to be looking at the dog from heaven.

Landscape mode is not good for portraits!

How can I not believe in ghosts now?

The camera fell during a family photo.

This "massacre" is also a trick made with landscape mode.

Don't show off with your watch. Enjoy the trees!

The shadow of the girl seems to be looking through her photos.

This frozen landscape looks like a planet.

It's easy to make an ordinary spider radioactive.

I'm the artist here.

Not all fireworks photos look the same.

Sometimes even artists can be jealous of the results of technical glitches.

Where is the unicorn?

Have you ever taken any photos with technical glitches? If you have, share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit BoboDupla / reddit
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