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26 Cool Families That Go Crazy on a Daily Basis

Love and willingness to compromise are the most important constituents of healthy family relationships. The happiest families are those where there is some space for good-natured humor and pranks in any situation. A sense of humor and laughter can help solve problems and help us accept the little oddities and quirks in each other.

Bright Side collected 26 examples that brilliantly explain what a "crazy family" is.

"Our little kids put a picture of all of us against the aquarium glass so the new goldfish will "feel like part of the family."

When a family argument gets out of hand:

"This is what my husband and I purchased at the grocery store the other day. We don’t have kids. We are adults. We pay bills. And drink water from a whale."

"My parents told my little sister she couldn’t dye her hair unless she found someone to do it with her... So guess who has purple hair now?"

"My husband didn't have time to come to a family photo shoot after work. I decided to replace him with a dummy. He didn't talk to me for a few days."

A true man always has your back.

"Raise kids with lots of love and they will reward you with flattering Snapchat posts of you."

"My dad has been peeling oranges for my lunch since kindergarten and on my last day of high school I got this instead."

"This how my mom escapes boring events."

"My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer."

Because everything should be shared equally in the family.

This sign is put here in a memory of a real drama.

"My sister in law sends me these pictures of my brother giving their fish a full funeral."

A few words about romance after marriage

"I asked my husband to mow the lawn."

"Our dog is pregnant and we organized a photo shoot for her."

"My mom asked me to check the laptop because she left a surprise for me there."

Everyone has their cute family nicknames.

"My wife told me to send a sexy picture from work."

"This is how my friend's dad greeted her at the airport yesterday."

"Parents sent me a selfie... In the mail."

It seems like the walk-in closet is the favorite place in this family.

"My dad decided to give my dog some emotions by putting dried seaweed on him."

"My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food because "nobody helped."

"My mom made presents for my little brother's teachers."

"My mom is so afraid of animals it’s not even funny."

Is there space for some fun and pranks in your family? Tell us your stories in the comments.

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