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26 Deceptive Photos That Will Have You Rubbing Your Eyes

You can press the button on your camera 1,000 times and get a 1,000 unimpressive photos. And only when the light, the shapes, and the lines are all right, you might get a photo that may make you doubt your own vision.

Bright Side has collected a new series of pictures that may make you want to see an eye doctor.

1. Finding a cat is never an easy task.

2. Can you spot the difference?

3. “Excuse me, would you mind not sitting like that, please? Thanks.”

4. “Took a picture of my pizza on a cutting tray and the angle makes it look huge.”

5. “I took this picture of the water but if you flip it over, it looks like I took a picture of the sky.”

6. What a safety hazard!

7. “The line went right through the knife.”

8. Looks like this elephant has a trunk that never ends:

9. “When shadows become dominant! This interesting pic of zebras crossing the salt pans was shot in Makgadikgadi, Botswana.”

10. A tiny man on top of an unsuspecting woman

11. “Cats breaking the laws of physics”

12. “I’m seeing Tomato Elephants!”

13. What does this look like to you?

14. “At first, I thought they were my legs.”

15. “A 2-legged dog”

16. This steel cup looks transparent inside this bowl:

17. “My man trying to work”

18. These plants look like tiny hands:

19. “My shoelace shadow looks like a man climbing a mountain.”

20. These 2 are meant for each other:

21. This llama is actually ringing the bell:

22. “I polished some marble tonight and one side looks as if it was missing.”

23. She attracted the monster’s attention.

24. “This picture my brother took in Ireland makes it look like he’s a giant walking around the countryside.”

25. Whose head is that?

26. Optical illusion for the most attentive people: tell us what’s wrong in the photo.

No luck? Then look at the door hinges — their reflection in the mirror is exactly what it should be. And now look at the vents. They are the same both in the reflection and in reality. But the thing is, the image in the mirror depends on where the vents are oriented.

Do you have similar photos in your archive? If you do, share them with us in the comments section below.

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