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26 Facepalm Situations That Make Our Eyes Twitch

Many things can make even the calmest people irritated. For example, people who leave their carts right in the middle of the parking lot or huge trucks on the road that block the pass.

Bright Side will show you photos that can make even the calmest person really angry.

“I didn’t mean this when I asked him to clean inside and out.”

“My school could afford $6,000,000 worth of renovations but they can’t afford toilet paper that I can’t see through.”

“There was one left. It was nothing but chance. I’m so angry!”

“At my closest train station — I think I need to move.”

“This always makes me think society is on the verge of collapse.”

“I hate when this happens.”

“Thanks, Google Maps!”

This shower

Who does this?

“For 15 miles on the highway...”

“This light switch in my friend’s house”

“My co-worker’s laptop...I have this in the corner of my eye all day, every day and to make it worse, he has his brightness settings on the lowest they can go.”

“This soap dispenser I found in a restaurant bathroom...”

People who can’t pick up after themselves

“I dropped a Lego house I built 10 years ago down the stairs.”

“Was excited for the extra drawer space outside our bathroom in the new house. But I let my wife choose her side first.”

When your keys conspire against you in your pocket:

How and why do they do this?

“5 stars, will order again!”

Who designed this?

At least we know it was Elizabeth.

There are people like this in every town.

People who talk on their phones like this:

“The reason I woke up this morning”

Actually the worst thing ever

“The price of 12 pieces of chalk at the supermarket vs my college bookstore”

What annoying things have you seen? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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