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26 Freezing Photos of Winter We’re Not Ready For

Cold and snow are sometimes capable of doing amazing things. They can freeze noodles in a second or make a rock look like a heart.

Bright Side has collected 26 amazing winter photos that can make you feel really cold. We recommend that you get a warm blanket before looking at them.

The small fish don’t have enough oxygen under the ice.

This is a pic of ramen noodles at −30ºF in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

“My Jaguar hood ornament has ice fur.”

This frozen rock looks like a heart.

A frozen waterfall in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Canada

Deflating balloons leave a frozen husk of their former state.

Fresh snow on a frozen lake

Ice in the shape of a car bumper

Russia is a very cold country, but with warm-hearted people.

This is Siberia experiencing −70ºF.

“The other day I was cold and bored waiting for the metro to arrive when I saw these ice crystals had formed.”

“It’s so cold right now that I can’t even flush the toilet.”

When it’s so cold the ghost trying to haunt you freezes to death:

A frozen geyser

The Irtysh River in Russia froze over in an interesting pattern.

A Michigan lighthouse, before and after a winter storm

This is Siberian make-up in the winter. Enjoy!

“A spiderweb froze on my truck’s side mirror.”

The snow in this park made the photo look black and white.

It was so windy the birdbath froze in a wave...

“It was so cold that even our ghost froze.”

“I left the hose on all night by accident. It was freezing cold outside, and this is how the water froze onto the grass.”

When snow melted and flash froze down a mountain somewhere in Russia, a photographer captured this impressive natural phenomenon.

“My eggs froze in the fridge and I didn’t realize until I cracked them.”

The way this ice froze is so magical.

“I accidentally left my tea in my car overnight and it froze. This morning I found this.”

Do you have any unusual winter photographs? Share them in the comment section below.

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