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26 Fresh Ideas That Are Saving the Planet Right Now

In recent decades, the eco-friendly lifestyle has become mainstream. Day by day, more and more people and companies refuse to use unnecessary plastic, unnecessary packaging, and disposable items. For example, a Portuguese company, Hi Fly Airlines has completely refused to use single-use plastic onboard their aircraft. This way, they’ve managed to prevent the use of about 750 lb of disposable waste within just one flight. Just imagine how much waste is produced if at any time there are about 20,000 aircrafts flying up in the sky.

Bright Side is sure that big companies and eco-startups aren’t the only things that can make our lives more healthy — we can also do it ourselves! Here are 26 examples that can inspire you to start doing it right away.

1. This grocery store sells fruits and vegetables in compostable nets.

2. A Portugal airline Hi Fly Airlines was the first to refrain from using single-use plastic.

3. “All of this year’s Christmas presents were wrapped using white paper from 1 amazon delivery box!”

4. If you collect brushed fur into a bag and put it into a bird feeder, the birds will take away this fur for their nests and chicks!

5. This cinema sells refillable popcorn tins that can be filled during each visit.

6. There is a package-free/bulk store in Brussels. Those lumps in the front are soap and shampoo.

7. “I recently joined the app, Too Good To Go, where you pay a small amount and pick up surplus food from restaurants and cafes. This was the food I picked up from a hotel breakfast buffet!”

8. “Found this deflated balloon on a hike, so I used it to wrap my best friend’s birthday present.”

9. “My local supermarket said goodbye to individually wrapped broccoli this week! Small changes like these make a huge difference.”

10. “Knitted cotton dish rags — 8 years of daily use and still going strong.”

11. This bakery uses pasta noodles as low-waste coffee stirrers.

12. “We wrap our holiday gifts in fabric and reusable ribbon/tulle every year. Then it all gets folded up and stored in a bin until next year! No tape or paper trash at all and it looks so much nicer too.”

13. Avoiding unnecessary stickers — the eco-label on this pumpkin is lasered into its skin.

14. “My local Walmart started selling these package-free soaps!”

15. “I’m turning last year’s Christmas cards into tags for next year.”

16. McDonald’s in Bangalore, India gives out paper straws for drinks!

17. This backpack is made of upcycled airbags and seat belts.

18. “Was at a sustainability conference where they showed us samples of these totally biodegradable, plastic-free, hard shell containers. They’re called Sulapac and come in all shapes for different uses. Here’s hoping they become mainstream!”

19. Starbucks gives out used coffee grounds that can be used as compost for free.

20. “I saved up all these gift bags and wrapping paper in order to use them next year.”

21. “Used some leftover yarn to make crocheted produce bags. Posted them to Snapchat and 10 minutes later I had orders for 45 of them (and counting) for friends and family wanting to cut the plastic!”

22. An upcycled rug made of stretched out leggings, old jeans, and holey yoga pants!

23. If you upcycle old guitars, you can get such wonderful shelves.

24. “Almost threw away this packaging material...but then I thought, ’Why not make it into wrapping paper?’ ”

25. “Made reusable ’cotton pads’ for skincare by cutting up an ugly fleece gift from an ex.”

26. Indonesia uses “plastic” bags that are made from cassava (a root vegetable). It’s 100% bio-degradable, feels like latex, and dissolves in water.

Do you think these examples are people’s true desire to help the environment or are they just following a trend that will disappear soon? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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