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26 Guys Who Shared Pictures Before and After Cool Changes in Their Lives

People who have a goal to lose weight often decide to take before-and-after photos to see their progress and compare the differences. The people from this compilation followed this recommendation and shared their achievements with the world. But they didn't just lose weight – some of them changed their lives completely and now have no regrets.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the changes that happened to these guys. Take a look at their photos as they might inspire you too!

1. "First day of primary school vs last day of teacher training"

2. "I had a dream to become my father's partner and catch bad guys. Goal achieved."

3. This guy lost 81 lb in just 6 months:

4. "Before-and-after picture of my strabismus surgery!"

5. "3-year transformation! Still have a way to go, but really happy with my progress!"

6. He combatted acne and now everyone knows what his face looks like.

7. "My uncle hiked the Appalachian trail. Before-and-after pics from the 1st of May to the 16th of December."

8. "666 days without a drink, 100 lb lost, 1,450 miles ran, and today is 4 weeks without a cigarette!"

9. Before and after fighting depression

"BvS came out when I had a year of depression. Seeing Superman overcoming his own depression, questioning his own existence and finding the right reasons to keep on fighting inspired me. Henry's dedication to the character and Zack's style saved me. I love them both."

10. "2 years ago, working a job that I hated vs loving my job and being able to grow a beard now."

11. "Forgive me, brothers..."

12. When you finally get a cool tattoo:

13. "Small fluff to big fluff in just 9 months!"

14. "Celebrating 13 years with my high school sweetheart... Our first anniversary as doctors!"

15. "Check out this before-and-after picture... I look way better now!"

16. "Keto has helped me lose weight and keep it off!"

17. "One year without drugs."

18. "I got rid of my long hair. I feel weird."

19. "Here's a before-and-after photo of my dogs and I getting groomed."

20. Before and after going vegan

21. "My single mother couldn't afford braces for me growing up. When I got insurance through work, I finally got some. Life goal complete! What do you guys think?"

22. "I gained 40 lb in 8 months."

23. "Never moisturized or cleansed – 2 weeks of moisture and my skin seems much happier!"

24. "4 years ago, I got a gym membership."

25. "My good boy turned one year old this week!"

26. He looks like a completely different person.

Bonus: a transformation that happens in one night.

Do you take before-and-after photos? Share your pictures in the comments section below!

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