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26 Haircut Fantasies That Were Taken Too Literally by Hairdressers

We all know how important and at the same time difficult it is to find a great hairdresser when it comes to cutting hair. Hairdressers with “golden” hands who can understand all the hairdo desires of their clients without many words are considered a treasure. However, more often than not, life proves that clients and hairdressers speak different languages and ultimately, they get what they get.

Bright Side collected 26 photos of haircuts where the non-standard desire of a client met an even more non-standard vision of a hairdresser.

A Japanese doughnut was the main source of inspiration here.

His hair is a bit Messi this morning.

When you start to look like your plants:

A simple way to show the world your love for ballet

Even the haircut confirms that everything is perfect.

“Gimme that rare steak look.”

A hair helmet?

— “I hate bangs.”


— “No problem!”

When you’re a stern man on the outside and a playful girl on the inside:

“Please cut my hair with dull cuticle nippers then just throw some mousse on the back and mush it upward like a small, disheveled peacock. Also put pink somewhere.”

When you decided to try something a little different:

— “I want to help homeless birds...”


— “Say no more!”

“I want part of my head to look like a portal to a different dimension.”

A road going through a forest

When you feel as one with your cat:

When you decided to combine your love for flamingos and leopards into one hairdo:

“I want everyone to know that I am the king of pumpkins.”

The “jellyfish” haircut for those who are in love with the sea

A 65-year-old bus driver in the front and his wife in the back

“I want to be the moon of her life.”

“This is my pal. We call this cut the swordfish.”

Barbers should have some type of Hippocratic Oath they have to follow.

When you look 17 and 57 at the same time:

From nice and long to Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt was a popular adventure comedy in 2001.

When Bruce Willis is battling Avatar inside of you:

— “Barber, you know mops?”


— “Say no more!”

Bonus: when you decided to “bang” with the help of recommendations from the Internet:

Have you ever been in situations when you didn’t know whether you should cry or laugh after visiting a barber or hairdresser? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit __hrga__ / Reddit
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