26 “Hot” Photos Proving That Summer Can Be a Real Challenge

Sometimes summer is so hot that the things around us actually melt: streets, objects, thoughts, and even cats. Everyone does their best to make it through these sultry days.

Bright Side has found pictures proving that summer can really drive us crazy. And at the end of the article you’ll find a mind-blowing bonus.

26. “These multivitamins that melted in my car”

25. Just the asphalt stuck to the tires.

24. Sometimes just a little water is enough during these hot days.

23. Other times, a box can help.

22. When you’re prepared:

21. Find your place in the... shade.

20. Sometimes puddles are more attractive than historic buildings.

19. Modern air conditioning

18. “Found a jacuzzi at the park.”

17. An umbrella might protect you.

16. "The heat today baked the pine sap out of my newly painted deck.’’

15. Road signs start melting too.

14. Surf boards can’t resist the heat either.

13. Even cats melt.

12. First day of summer be like:

11. How to protect your toes:

10. Use every opportunity to survive.

9. Conquer new heights.

8. And use your imagination.

7. Even the electric boards are experiencing sunstroke.

6. Sometimes the cool floor is the only one way to not melt.

5. When you have a couple of rooms and only one air conditioner:

4. You’d do anything for a cold beer.

3. A piece of heaven

2. How to cook popcorn without using a microwave.

1. Melting road in India

Bonus: Factory burned down and melted the cars across the street.

How do you survive a heat wave?

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